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Do I need to sign in or pay to retrieve contact details?

"No. It's free and you don't need to sign up. Why not download our air tool and retrieve vCards from your desktop! "


What is a masterkey?

"Each masterkey is unique, it allows you to select a personalised word that fits the branding and location of your business. This could be the name of your business, a product, or service you sell. Eg, if you have a taxi service in New Zealand you could secure "taxi:nz". - but be quick and secure your masterkey before you miss out!


What is a standard keyin code

"A standard keyin code is a random generated code assigned to the "keyin:biz" masterkey, eg, uqb4q@keyin:biz. If you want to have and give your customers all the convenience of keyin and to remain discrete try a standard keyin code. It's FREE"


What is a keyin code?

"keyin codes are sub-domains of maskerkeys and allows you to list different departments and people in your company or organisation, eg accounts@taxi:nz, bob@taxi:nz. Only you can add keyin codes to you masterkey so no-one can imitate your business. Remember you need a masterkey first to use keyin codes.


I have a promotional code

"Great news! First set up an account and make your order. When your order summary is shown (will show the standard prices at this point)all you need to do is type your promo code into the box provided on the 'order summary' page (near the bottom right of the page). The total will be recalculated, showing nil or 50% less for promotional keyin codes (this will apply to your first masterkey), press confirm to purchase. Please refer to the Promotional code T&C's for further information."


My promo code didn't work, why?

"The common reasons for this occuring are noted below:

- The promo code has already been used
- The promo code is invalid, or
- You may have entered the code incorrectly

If you believe there is another reason for the code not working please contact us and we will endeavour to solve the problem as soon as possible."


Do I need a masterkey to obtain an standard key code?

"No, you only need a masterkey to create a customised keyin code."


Do I need a masterkey to create a customised keyin code?

"Yes. Please refer to the FAQ 'Why do you have a masterkey and a keyin code format?' for further information."


Why do you have a masterkey and a key code format?

"A masterkey allows you to secure a unique and relevant key code for your business (similar to a 'domain name'). Only you will be able to create key codes from your masterkey (similar to a 'Email address') and this will prevent other people from imitating your key codes. An example of a masterkey is: keyin:nz. An example of a key code is: bob@keyin:nz or accounts@keyin:nz. An example of a standard keyin code is: uqb4q@keyin:biz. "


Can I have more than one masterkey?

"Yes. Your business can have as many masterkeys as is necessary to meet it's business needs. However, 'squatting' of masterkey names is not condoned by keyin (2009) Ltd. If it is shown that an individual or business is 'squatting' keyin has the right to immediately suspend/cancel the masterkey in question, without a refund, until legal action has been taken."


Can I assign a vCard to our masterkey?

"Yes, we recommend you assign your company's head office details/V-card to your Masterkey."


What is a vCard?

"A vCard is an electronic business card, which can contain names, addresses, email, phone numbers, website links, logos, photographs and so on. vCards can be exchanged in a number of ways, for example through the web or attached to emails. For a history and greater detail of the vCard have a look at


Can I add or edit my vCard at any time?

"Yes, you can add new or edit exisiting vCards at any time. You need to login. In your keyin account area click on either; 'upload a new vCard' (you already have an existing vCard), 'create a new vCard' (you need to do this if you do not have an existing vCard), 'assign vCard to keyin' (you need to attach a vCard to your keyin code of choice - that is match the appropriate contact details to your keyin code)."


Can anyone access my contact information?

"keyin is a business tool designed to disseminate your contact details as effectively as possible, therefore anyone who has your keyin code can access the information stored on your vCard. It is advised that you only put information on the code that you want others to see. Your keyin code can be passed around by your clients just like a real business card. keyin takes no responsibility in regards to who your keyin code is passed on to, refer to our T&C's and Privacy Policy"


What is the pricing structure?

"masterkey: $US18.00
(per masterkey, comes with one keyin code, per year)

customised keyin code: Free
(But you need a masterkey)

Standard (automatically generated)keyin codes: free

T&C's apply



How can I pay?

"Payment is currently made through PayPal. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard and through a PayPal account."


Will I be reminded when payment is required or if there are any changes to the keyin fees?

"Yes. An automatic reminder is sent out 3 weeks before your annual payment is required. If there are any changes to keyin fees, these will be posted on the keyin website, at least 3 weeks notice will be given in regards to any changes."


crd? what is this?

"crd is the default extension, it's like the .com of the keyin world.
You can also choose any of the other listed extensions. The majority of the extensions are currently country codes (refer to the std ISO country code list). We are also trialing area code extensions within New Zealand. A country or area code extension helps to further personalise your keyin code and become more meaningful to your customers/business contacts. "


When ordering my masterkey what is my country's abbreviated code?

"keyin uses the standard ISO 3166-1-alpha.2-codes for each country. For a full list of countries and their codes refer to the following link:"


Why do you charge businesses for this service?

"keyin is a business tool that makes it easy for users to retrieve, store and keep your updated contact details. This reduces the risk of them having to search for your contact details and discovering an alternative service/product.

keyin is all about delivering your vCard to your clients without interruption. We have no 3rd party advertising, so your clients will not be distracted by banners, pop-ups, and so on, that may sell an alternative product or service to your clients.

keyin is committed to developing convenient ways to retrieve vCards from the keyin server to ensure your clients can retrieve your vCard quickly and easily. All our retrieval tools are free to download and /or use.

Your customers/end users do not have to pay to use your keyin code, nor do they need to sign up/register.



Is it this simple?

"Yes. The idea is to simplify an everyday business action, and therefore give business more time and money concentrating on what they do best"

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