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*       Quick find help

*       Internet Explorer keeps blocking file downloads!

*       Trouble finding your vCard?

*       Trouble uploading your vCard?

*   Quick find help

There are a few reasons you may be having difficulty retrieving the business card you require.

1. The keyin code you’re entering has not been registered.

2. The keyin code may have been misprinted.

3. If you are entering a product/company name, ensure you DON’T put SPACES between the words.

4. Ensure you are using the correct keyin code extension i.e. :crd, :nz ,:biz, etc, etc.

*   -Internet Explorer keeps blocking file downloads!

To stop Internet Explorer from blocking your requested file add to you Trusted sites list.

To do this follow these simple steps...

1. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.

 Click the Security tab, and then click security zone (Trusted sites).

 Click Sites.

 The website should be shown in the 'Add this website to the zone' field.  Click Add.
    Clear the 'Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone' check box.

 Click Close, and then click OK.

You can find this in Windows help and support by pressing F1 and typing "Security zones" click adding or removing websites


*   -Trouble finding your vCard?

This tutorial is for Outlook 2007 and assumes you have already created a vCard, if don’t have a vCard yet click here to find out how to create your own vCard.

The first thing you need now is where to find it, right? 

To do this you need to save the vCard to a folder you know where and how to find again, a good spot is your desktop, as used in this example. 

1.       Open outlook 2007 

2.      Go to your address book and open the contact you want to save as a vCard file

3.       Click on the Microsoft Office Button at the top left of the window

4.       Point to Save As, and then click Export to vCard File

5.       If the file name is not automatically inserted, type a name in the File name box

6.       On the left hand side of the save as dialog box click desktop

7.       Click save 

This will save the selected contact details in vCard format on your desktop.  You can save the file anywhere you like just ensure you know how to find it again.


*   -Trouble uploading your vCard


Most problems are caused by people tring to upload the wrong file format, please ensure the file your tring to upload is a vCard file with an extension of (.vcf).  You can check this by right clicking on the file you are tring to upload then clicking properties from the menu, the file type should be vCard file or (.vcf).  

When uploading vCards you need to know where it has been saved and it must have been saved in vCard file format (.vcf).  Once you have done this it's a few simple steps to upload your vCard.

1.    Login to your keyin account

2.    In my account area click on 'upload a new vCard'

3.    Click the 'upload button'

4.    Click 'browse' to select you vCard file

5.    When you have selected the file click 'open'

6.    Then click 'upload', (the details of the vCard will be displayed - you can make changes if required).

7.    Click 'save vCard'.

You can then upload another vCard or 'assign vCard' (assign vCard to a keyin code) by clicking on the links.


quick find

e.g. try keyin:crd

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