keyin, a revolution in contact management
virtualise your business card keyin = more sales


Businesses share your complete contact details

Keyin holds your complete contact details securely on site & ready for your customers & colleagues to download direct to their address books.

Keyin codes are unique & universal. Your exclusive keyin code gives customers the details you choose to share; your mobile, email, postal address, photos, website.   You Choose. You can even send out updates to customers. Keyin is the virtual business card that's always available & up-to-date.

keyin codes are super affordable, easier to share & easier by far for your customers!

You can experience the system for
free, sign up and get yourself a free standard Keyin code. If you need something to match your business branding then a masterkey is for you.

keyin codes are:
 -masterkeys, similar to domain names.  Eg: taxi:nz
 -key codes, a name at your masterkey.  Eg: bob@taxi:nz
 -standard keyin code, automated.  Eg: P99LY@keyin:biz
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Get a personalised keyin code and your customers will always be able to contact you.

Retrieve contact details with ease

To retrieve contact details simply enter the unique keyin code into our 'quick find' box & click 'find now'. The process is fast & simple & allows you to download contact details straight to your address book. 

  • It's free
  • No need to sign up
  • You are in control
  • Say "Goodbye" to time 

      consuming data entry

Enter keyin code to the 'quick find' box now

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Look for & ask for
businesses keyin codes



I am very impressed with Keyin - the idea and how the system operates.  A great way to store and retrieve contact information. I will certainly recommend to all to sign up!  
Tony EC Credit Control

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quick find

e.g. try keyin:crd

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keyin is an evolving service -

Watch as keyin continues to add value to your business.

Customers will easily remember how to contact you and your contact details will always be up-to-date.

Coming soon ... The keyin Address Book ...