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masterkey:                     $30.00* NZD per year


Each masterkey is unique, it allows you to select a personalised word that fits the branding and location of your business. This could be the name of your business, a product, or service you sell. Eg, if you have a taxi service in New Zealand you could secure "taxi:nz". - but be quick and secure your masterkey before you miss out!
Note:  a masterkey is needed before you can use a key code (see below)

keyin code:                   $FREE For a limited time, normally $3.00


keyin codes allows you to add different people or departments in your company or organisation, eg accounts@taxi:nz, bob@taxi:nz to your masterkey . Only you can add keyin codes to your masterkey so no-one can imitate your business.  
Remember you need a masterkey first to use
keyin codes.

To add a key code to your masterkey click the "add key code" button on the  Order Summary page.

standard keyin code:    $FREE

A standard keyin code is a random generated code assigned to the "keyin:biz" masterkey,  eg, uqb4q@keyin:biz.  If you want to have and give your customers all the convenience of keyin and to remain discrete or you just want to see what keyin is about try a standard keyin code.

*payment is made in your own currency.  GST is excluded to
accounts outside of New Zealand


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